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Teen Wolf AU - Almost Human: After he lost his entire team and one of his legs in an ambush, Detective Hale returns to active duty to find that in the years he was away, things at the station have changed significantly. For one, every police officer is not assigned an android. Since he doesn’t get along well with the new, entirely logic-based model - which he believes is one of the reasons his last mission ended in disaster - and quickly destroys his MX in a fit of temper, he is assigned Stiles; an older model, based on a programme called synthetic soul, made to be as human as possible. Derek soon finds out that Stiles isn’t like any other android; he’s unique, even for his type of synthetic, refuses to be called an android and is actually often far better at human interaction than Derek. Despite his initial dislike, Derek finds he’s starting to like and appreciate Stiles as more than a simple colleague…

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Teen Wolf AU Trailer: Sleepwalking
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Stiles doesn’t remember waking up. It just happens to him at some point. He wanders through reality, goes to school, hangs out with Scott, but something just isn’t right. When he starts seeing things, he thinks he’s gone insane. In a mental clinic he meets a guy who doesn’t remember waking up either. Seems like they’re stuck in Bardo, the in-between state, but they can’t be dead. They have never died. Haven’t they?..

ps. For Simone, because of reasons.

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You should see him. He’s beautiful.



consider this:

your otp has been seeing each other for awhile and person a stays over at person b’s house a lot. and they always bring a bag of clothes for the next day until finally person a looks at them and says “middle drawer, it’s yours.”

Ha ha ha but Derek would be all gruff and uncommunicative about it, probably. So when he silently points out the drawer for the first time, Stiles immediately gets the feeling he’s done something wrong, except he has no idea what, or when. “Uh,” he says, racking his brain, “is this about that time I accidentally left a pair of boxers on your kitchen floor? Because—”

"No," Derek says, hotly. "This is just. Easier."

"Okay," Stiles says, nodding to himself, resolving to try not to leave any more of his possessions lying about Derek’s place, if it bothers him so much.

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I was evolving

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i dont know if you're taking prompts right now but i just found out that my granddad has cancer and he's not gonna make it. i'd just really appreciate the ABSOLUTE FLUFFIEST thing you can think of. if not something new recs would be awesome too. i kinda feel bad asking but it might help idk sorry
- Anonymous


[I’m so sorry to hear the bad news, my thoughts go out to you and your family during this time. There’s a fluffy reclist here, but I wrote you something too.]


It takes Derek a second, then he remembers he’s in costume. He turns, but it isn’t a con-goer who wants to take a picture of his cosplay, but actually what looks like a little girl dressed in a TARDIS outfit with tears streaming down her face.

"Hi," Derek says as she launches herself at his knees, hugging tightly. He looks around, but he doesn’t see anyone that looks like her parents or a guardian. "Are you okay?" he asks.

"I can’t find my mom and dad," she says, wobbling. "Batman, will you help me?" 

What Derek probably should do is take the girl to the nearest convention staff, but he can’t see anyone wearing a staff t-shirt near him, and he doesn’t really have anything else to do right now. “Sure,” Derek says, and the girl nods resolutely. 

"I’m Jessie," she says. "And I know you’re Bruce Wayne, but I promise I won’t tell anyone." 

Derek takes her hand and asks her where her parents were last, what they were wearing, what panels they had planned to go to, hopefully to get a clue where they might be. They end up walking through Artist’s Alley, and luckily Jessie has calmed down and is actually enjoying looking at the various people’s cosplays and the merchandise. 

Derek’s actually having a pretty good time too; Jessie is talkative and funny, and it’s a lot better than waiting in line for a panel that isn’t going to start for hours. 

"Batman, you’re a detective, how come you haven’t put together the clues yet to find my parents?" Jessie asks.

"Um, I— " Derek is saved from trying to explain he isn’t really Batman and finding two specific adults dressed as Ten and Rose is fairly difficult, since he’s seen about a dozen couples so far.

"Oh, you must need Robin!" Jessie says excitedly. "I see him right there, he can help us!" and she’s tugging him towards a steampunk booth.


Derek’s actually seen this Robin cosplayer earlier and was too embarrassed to ask for a picture (either of him or with him); his outfit is sinfully tight, and he’s modified the costume in favor of bootyshorts and the mouth underneath his mask is curled into a bright smile. And then he saw him again with a bunch of other cosplayers taking photos for the Hawkeye Initiative, and well. 

He’s very flexible. And has a really nice ass. 

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