this is way late but happy birthday laura!!! i love you a lot and i hope your day was awesome and i’m really really sorry this is late 

Coach saying profoundly.

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So I just read your Sterek fic where Stiles can transport and I thought I would cry cause I finally found a fic that interest me and so I was wondering if you could write me a fic for my birthday? It's on Monday(:


 Derek Hale comes in every Tuesday evening with his little girl. She always has her dark, curly hair in two pigtails and they bounce on her head with every step she takes. It’s always a nightmare. Stiles has been privy to many tears, quiet hushes, and outright frustration cloaks Derek’s features constantly. He winces a little sometimes, on behalf of Derek, when his kid gets into one of her finer screams of protest.

 This time, Stiles watches them at the counter and Derek seems to have realised that the current method of getting June to swim is clearly not working. June is sniffling and stands close to her Dad’s leg while Derek squeezes her side gently.

 “I’m sorry, Mr Hale,” says the receptionist, “We don’t have any more spaces available for private swim lessons until next term.”

 Derek frowns. “But we need them.”

 Stiles snorts. He’s not expecting Derek to whip his head around and pin him down with a narrowed look. Stiles has done a pretty good job at admiring from afar while he’s been working at Sunshine Swimming! over the semester, working the desk or taking over a class if someone asks him nicely. He knows his way around the water. But Stiles probably should’ve taken more care to hide his brief laughter because the look Derek is giving him is murderous.

 “Do you have something to say?” he snaps, his hand curling over June’s shoulder protectively. Stiles stutters.


 Derek curls his lips into a smile and waits for him to answer properly. Stiles spares a glance at his daughter but she’s tugging on Derek’s jacket, whining softly about going home. She’s just had a lesson and her hair isn’t even wet.

 “Why doesn’t Stiles do it?” the receptionist lets out quickly. “He’s qualified, and,” she narrows her eyes, probably because he offended a customer again, “he should be happy to do it.”

 Stiles scowls at her but instantly wipes the look off his face when he sees Derek’s sceptical expression. He smiles wide. “Fine,” he says, voice tight as he stares at his colleague. She so owes him. “I would be delighted to help your daughter learn how to swim!”

 They wait a moment in silence as Derek weighs his options. Stiles feels his cheeks go pink when Derek looks him up and down before he huffs an agreement, picks June up carefully, and heads out the double doors.


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derek hale + cards against humanity (insp)

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♪ Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way Oh what fun to k i l l someone and end up in j a i l  ♪


♪ Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way 
Oh what fun to k i l l someone and end up in j a i l  



it’s just a dream