Anything happens to my daughter, I got a .45 and a shovel, I doubt anybody would miss you.

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Top ten Teen Wolf Characters, as voted by my followers.
#10: Coach Finstock.

I… I’m… I’m Sorry…

Dylan O’brien at SDCC 2013 Teen Wolf Panel


Promise me that we will make it through.

au stiles and derek vs the apocalypse.


Promise me that we will make it through.

au stiles and derek vs the apocalypse.

"My last question is about your tweet. Your last tweet about your pillow." [x]

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Ok, but like am I the only one that saw that “au where your soulmate is the only one that can kill you” prompt and thought something super angsty and depressing? I’ve seen a couple of uber cute fluffy prompts and like I love em, but I was thinking more…

Everyone walks around like their fucking invincible, right because like it’s a one in a million chance you’d actually MEET your soulmate in your lifetime, and since they are the only one that can kill you, you have nothing to worry about. Well, this is at least widely accepted anyway.

Only that’s how you find your soulmate.

Like let’s take… oh I don’t know, Stiles and Derek (because why the fuck not). They’ve never met, they don’t know each other, and they both live their lives separate and unafraid of anything. Because the only person that could truly kill them is their soulmate, and it’s common knowledge you won’t find that person.

But then they meet. Of course they meet, but they meet because they get in a huge accident.

My initial thought was car accident, but I’d rather it be something else but my brain can’t think of something else (well I thought hitmen/assassins but that’s kind of an entirely different story). So…. let’s just go with car accident for now. Say Derek was running in the rain at night (b/c lbr that’s something Derek would do, don’t lie). And Stiles is driving his jeep (OBVS) on his way home from Scott’s or maybe because he’s restless and can’t sleep. And he’s tired and it’s dark and it’s raining, and all of the sudden he sees Derek in his headlights, but he can’t swerve fast enough.

And Stiles thinks, he’ll be okay though. It’s not like the dude can die. I mean, yeah pretty injured because hit by a car and all, but it’s not like Stiles could kill him. Right?

Except that Derek is in critical condition, and the doctor’s aren’t hopeful on his prognosis, and that it doesn’t look good, and that it’ll take a miracle for him to survive, for him to wake up, for him to come out of this and still be alive.

And that’s when it hits Stiles.

This man, Derek the doctor tells him, is his soulmate.

That the reason he’s in critical condition and might not pull through is because he is meant to be with Stiles, because Stiles is the only one in the whole of the Earth that can kill him.

And he has.

Well almost. And Stiles can’t take it. He spends every waking moment by Derek’s bedside. And refuses to leave even when Scott and his dad and even Lydia beg him to come home and rest and shower and eat something other than hospital food.

But he can’t. He can’t.He can’t leave his fucking soulmate to die. They haven’t even spoken to each other, they haven’t lived the wonderful fulfilling life they show in the movies because they way he found his soulmate is because he nearly killed him. And Derek can’t die. He can’t. He has to wake up so Stiles can tell him his name, so they can fucking introduce themselves because they haven’t even said one word to each other, and Stiles is already acting the part of the distraught lover.

And then after who knows how long, Derek’s vital signs and brain waves actually start to improve. The doctors and nurses all say it’s impossible, that it’s a miracle, and some that are sappy even say love conquers all, and frankly Stiles doesn’t give a fuck how it happened, he just cares that it is. That Derek is improving, and the day Derek opens his eyes, Stiles is there smiling back at him and wiping the hair from his forehead.

And it’s Stiles that’s there when they finally remove the tube in Derek’s throat and lungs, so he can finally speak. And they finally can introduce themselves:



"I’m Stiles."

"I’m Derek." And they both smile at each other, and Stiles rests his hand in Derek’s and Derek squeezes it and Stiles squeezes back.

"It’s nice to meet you, Derek."

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You can’t expect me to be fine,I don’t expect you to care.

You can’t expect me to be fine,
I don’t expect you to care.